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My Second DD!!

Sun Apr 2, 2017, 6:43 AM
I am so happy, today I  got my second DD :la: :la: :faint: 
Still can't believe it!
Thank you so much Wesley-Souza  for suggesting and Gejda  for accepting it!
Means the world to me :love: :love: :la: :hug:

Nights Of April by adoreluna

Pizzaaaa for everyone! :la::la: :la: :hug:

Update, March 2017.

Mon Mar 6, 2017, 12:53 PM
Hello and hello again friends :hug:
Here I am trying to enjoy this site again, small steps trying to get back to those amazing feelings I had whenever I was browsing this site. TRYING. I'm still having problems with the weird people around, but I need to learn to live with that.
University is okay, I guess. I passed almost all exams and  now another semester started. 
I'm happy and I'm working hard on making my life better. With amazing help :heart:

So first of all, I want to try and upload  some small works I did the past months, and then I'll try and get to check notifications.

Step by step.

maybe I will feel good about this site again :hug:

one thing is for sure, I missed so many of you!! :la:


Here's the first thing uploaded :heart:
Planets by adoreluna

It's finally time to quit this site. Gosh, I need a break, a long break///
 Right now I will only use this for getting stocks for my illustration book-which I promised myself that I will never post here ;)

Goodbye to the people who actually cared for me on this site :hug: I will keep replying to notes and I will probably still check from time to time to see whose birthday is coming :)
Finally got the time to make this feature, that short challenge was amazing!I'm so glad I got to see everyone making such an amazing progress. Congrats :clap: :clap: :love: Also,some of you got DDs on these works, PAAARTYY! :la: :la: :clap:

1º Most Voted


Atlantis Lights by FrostAlexis

2º Most Voted


Love Forsaken by SummerDreams-Art

3º Most Voted


Amanita Fairy by LanaTustich

4º Most Voted


Chasing Demons by Secretadmires

5º Most Voted


Buterfly V 2016 by Energiaelca1


And here we have a small feature of amazing works I've seen this weekend :la: :la:

SciFi Scene by annewipf

Lilith 2016 by lauraypablo

Living Dead by JennyLe88

Magic Throne by maiarcita

Blood by CrisestepArt

Good Evening by irinama

Melusine by Creamydigital

Glade Guardians by FrozenStarRo

Magique by PlacidAnemia

The magic of a Christmas window by Kibblywibbly

Almost Home by Mr-Ripley

Fading into the background by theheek

Saint Florian by Megan-Arts

...Rain Over Me... by SilentDreamer-Art

Pain by Lora-Vysotskaya

Raise Me Now by Rowye

Darkest Night by Gwendolyn1

Surreal Aquarium by Renata-s-art

Moon Pie by thegirlcansmile

and that is all for today, more to come soon :la: :hug:

The people who have started posting Christmas artworks since mid-November ARE MY FAVORITE KIND OF PEOPLE

:la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: 

Feature Timeeee~

Sat Oct 15, 2016, 6:34 AM
Second Week of University is over...and I had to come back here and check some amazing works to get a little bit relaxed after such a longgggg weeeekkkk. Then I have to go read stuff for class. lol

Sooo Here are some amazing works I've seen around  dA recentlyyy :la: :la:

show them some love

Pizza Party by ZMastah94
My little fairy by Mandelblute

Adoreluna by FrostAlexis
Thumbelina by Secretadmires
...An Ugly Truth... by SilentDreamer-Art
Gabriel's Message by Pendragon-Arts
Mer-Shark Hybrid by marphilhearts

Curiosity killed the cat by Renata-s-art

Lonesome Highway by Can-Cat

The Viewing Gallery by deepgrounduk

The ripest berries by thegirlcansmile

My Furry Little Friends by marphilhearts

A B I O G E N E S I S by MarcoHerrera

Lake of the Forgotten by MonochromaticART

Floral Nymph 9  by LindArtz

For Lilith......... by pjenz

The Path of the Unicorn 4 by BBstar7

The Outer Limits ic by ArthurRamsey

Divergent by BenjaminHaley

Little suns by DavidMnr

All The Sadness In My Heart by Black-B-o-x

Awaken (Commission) by fhelalr

I put a spell on you... by AmethystRaven-Art

Golden City in the Morning by annewipf

evil's eyes by Lolita-Artz

Ice Crystals by Gejda

Inktober - Day 6 by cristii

...Old as dirt, Younger than Sand... by SilentDreamer-Art

Falsehood... by lauraypablo

The Deepest Dreams of a Dragonfly by ZMastah94

Source by Rowye

El desvan by Energiaelca1

Allure by IrisAurorae

Carpe Noctem by Secretadmires

Forest owl - Print available by SecretDarTiste

Tree Libras by PlacidAnemia

Collateral Damage by GeneRazART

Dragon Warrior by SummerDreams-Art

Children of the Fae by FrostAlexis

Equilibrium  by EstherPuche-Art

gently lonely by DeniseWorisch

Life is beautiful by Mocris

See you soon people :la: :wave:

First Week of University- life update

Sat Oct 8, 2016, 11:21 AM
Once upon a time, there was a girl who said she wants to be smart and independent so she applied to University.
She got accepted in the American Studies program, she got a scholarship for her tuition and she was really happy.
Little did she know what was gonna happen in 2 months, when the university had to start.
Now She's been there for a week and she realizes how foolish she was.
Wishing she could quit and move to the North Pole.


Hi dear peopleee *weird voice while texting*
Hope you are doing better than meeeeeeeeee*sings*
*little tear*

So first week is over...and that was strange, I barely can understand the schedule,the time table and stuff...
I don't really think I've made alot of friends, just  got to know a few people.
I never thought that there are more smokers than not-smokers in this world. I can barely find 5 people that don't smoke,in the 46 people we are in the group. 
When I see a rare creature who doesn't smoke I feel like going to them and say "come let me smell you" :rofl: :rofl:

So yeah, I had a few classes, and it feels a little bit weird with having the teachers talking to us only in english,but I can get used to it.
The worst is with my american civilization  and government class. We have kinda stupid projects to do. The teacher could've been so nice and explain us every thing we needed to know,but noooo,he wants us to read 100 pages from a book and make a summary of it lol ugh ugh.
Then I have english grammar classes,I'm good at those ones. And then I have history and academic writings classes. I will see how I can manage to get used to these too lol.
First week ended and I already have books to read and projects to do ugh ugh. :rofl:

I hate politicsssss, and that's why it so hard for me to understand these things,especially in english. 
SO yeah U.S.A government and law and stuff...gonna take me some time to understand lol.
Also we get so many guests invited here, already know next week we have some guy from Washington education stuff coming to our class, and then in 2 weeks we have a journalist from NY coming too :rofl:
That will be interesting...

well not sure how much of an update is this, I feel a little bit weird tonight and I am not sure i can english well right now because I've been reading alot and now I will go watch a documentary on American History of Government.

Soooooo :heart: I will come back tomorrow with a feature :wave: :wave: 




lol sweetie you mistaken US for the UK.



Looking for some Halloween stocks?

Wed Sep 21, 2016, 11:43 PM
Hey people Halloweeeen is comingg  I am more excited about Christmas tbh
And if you're looking for some good stocks for your magical witches and wizards,well here we have
She's made some amazing stocks! check them out~…

Here are a few of them,but check the link above to see them all
there are 8 pages!

Infatuation-potion-galore3 by Drury-Lane

Wizard-potion-pack by Drury-Lane
Wizards-delight4 by Drury-Lane

Angel-tears4 by Drury-Lane

Bewitching-love-potion2 by Drury-Lane
Warding-potion2 by Drury-Lane

Bottled-soul-14 by Drury-Lane

Have fun making great art with these!!

Like my art page on Facebook?

Mon Sep 19, 2016, 12:14 AM
heyyyyy  guysss~ I had made myself an art page on FB, I think it was time I  got one too! lol
Wouldddd you give it a likeee and support my art? :heart:
I want links if you have your own art page on deviantart so I can like it too :p

here's mine:…

also,wuhuuuu more art coming this week~! :)

have a wonderful week everybody~ :hug:

Devious Journal Entry

Mon Sep 12, 2016, 7:44 AM
I can not believe in what kind of a shit family I live in. That damn man who  calls himself "father" keeps reminding me what of a failure I am. I truly don't understand..I don't smoke,I don't drink, I don't go out, I fucking study all the time so they would be proud of me, I dont have friends! But still,that's never enough,right? Because he keeps reminding me that, if my brother would haven't been  deaf, he would've been moooore smarter than me, so much more smarter. And that's how he insults me everyday,all I got to be now is never enough. I know it's hard to accept something you lost, but still..why is it so hard to appreciate what you have? the other kid you have....that invisible one...ugh sometimes i just want to be dead,maybe they would appreciate me as something they had...

Sometimes I wonder what went so wrong in my childhood that made me have the weirdest dreams ever. I know I have a fcked up family but still, my dreams are just... waaaayyyy too much. Always same place, sometimes same storyline, my grandparents' old house and another house that I have no idea where it comes from. That house has a secret entrance that takes us to  an underground room, a large room that once was filled with dirty water. In all of my dreams I'm running,alone or with friends, running from different kind of evils. Most of the time the evil has no face, never saw it, I just know I have to hide. So I'm always in my grandma's garden, running, I hide everywhere until I remember about that strange house, big, old,  wooden house.So I go there, I enter the secret underground room and boom, I wake up...

almost every fucking time


ugh because last night I had a dream like that again, and surprise I didn't wake up when I got in that room, I actually jumped in because I needed a ladder to get there...but I just jumped. The image of that place, like a cave... it's still stuck in my head. Darkness, just a little light somewhere far, dust everywhere and a terrible smell of death. Funny how it felt like it was more dangerous inside there than outside...

Then suddenly I hear  something and I instantly run to the place where I heard it from... it was a little girl,she was so small but she looked so tired and...old, dressed in old fashioned clothes, black. How was that even possible, there were no life conditions in there... no food, no water not even light but still...she was there and she's been there for a long time because, without a ladder, you couldn't get out of there...

There was something just so strange about her face but I can not remember, just the fear I felt, and a little bit of confusion mixed with  some strange hope...  

I should make a horror story out of this sometime....

I don't even want to go to sleep lol
sorry I had to write this because it really can't  let me get a good sleep
and i'm soooooo tired

I should ask mom one day about a big old house with an underground room....

:rofl: :rofl: 

I wish I had written down the dream right after I woke up, because now I forgot many details.. when I dream it's never a short dream but a whole movie lol

I got my first Daily Deviation~

Thu Aug 25, 2016, 1:26 AM
So It was around 10 am and I woke up early early (6 am lol)  to finish a new artwork. I finished it then was ready to upload it. then BOOM
I saw a comment about a DD and I got confused xD awwwww :heart: My "Eternity Tonight" got a DD :la: :la: :la:  Still can't believe it :') 

Eternity Tonight by adoreluna
Thank you for all the support :la: And a big hug to everyone who suggested it for a DD (you know who you are :heart:)
And thank you ErikShoemaker  for accepting the suggestion :la:
This artwork means alot to me and now it means even more cause it's my first DD :la: :la:

~pizza party pizzaaa~

Got the core membership~ yayy

Mon Aug 22, 2016, 8:16 AM
Thanks to my dear TinaLouiseUk Tris-Marie AmethystRaven-Art, each one of them giving me a month of membership :huggle: :heart: you are such amazing friends :heart: :tighthug:

and anyone else who donated points to me, they won't get wasted cause I never waste points. They'll go to contests or other community stuff. I would either start my second contest or join one as a donor :) 

soo thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :hug: :tighthug: :love: :love:

Donate some points?

Mon Aug 22, 2016, 2:16 AM
Hey people. I'm here with a little little problem. My core membership expires in 2 days and I do not have enough points to get a new one. So would someone donate me some points?  Any amount of points,even just a few is welcome :la: :la:
of course, if you want to :heart:

There are just 39 days left till my birthday :lol:

anyway,thank you in advance to everyone who helps :heart: :hug:


Wed Aug 17, 2016, 11:50 AM
Hi people. You have probably seen already that I am baaackkkk hereeee. For a few months, at least :heart: I've been doing alot of manips recently and finally got to check some of the deviations from friends (not all i still got 900 to check lol) But before I get to check those artworks,I HAAAAVEEEE TOOOOOOOOO MAKE A FEATUUUREEEEEE. Because I've seen so many wonderful works and deviantart doesn't allow me to comment on them all (and my laziness too) 

Sooo everyone featured here today, just know I really love your works and they  inspire me everytime :heart: :heart:

before  starting with the feature, I want to show you the artworks I've done since August started. Can't believe I finished 4 pieces in 2 weeks omg. (i need to get a life) So take a look please, if you like :heart:

Eternity Tonight by adoreluna
(my most recent one, still can't believe so many people liked it <3 ) 

The Silent Forest by adoreluna

The Story Teller by adoreluna

The Weeping Moon by adoreluna

Okayyyyy now time for the amazing arts of my amazing frieeeendsss :la: :la: :la: :la:
here we goo, if you  haven't seen these amazing works yet, go and check them!

Take me as I am or not at all ....... by pjenz

Space tunnel by KPEKEP

A Slight Rain by IrisAurorae

The Death Hour by BenjaminHaley

Queen of Hearts by jugatatinhas

Floating Dream by BlHawk

Neverending Journey by ED-Creations

Lilith's Realm 2016 by Villenueve

Queen of Owl (2013) by Kiriya

Portrait in the city by L-inda

Curse by Dani-Owergoor

Juliet by Black-B-o-x

The Priestess by maiarcita

In the Woods by MysticSerenity

Bellatrix Lestrange: Updated version 2016 by SecretDarTiste

Broken Heart by kaka-pararean83

Caged Dreams by DigitalDreams-Art

The voices of the spectra by Julianez

The Hanging Tree by DriPoint

The Wishing Tree by mshellee

The Core by mimikascraftroom

The Swan Queen by BBstar7Tales from The Magic Garden by BBstar7

Spirit of My Spirit by Pendragon-Arts

prance through the poppies by Andaelentari

Little Pink Dolly by marphilhearts

Light by Digitalzauber

Off by PlacidAnemia

Beautiful Witch (after) see before in description by Lolita-Artz

Floriana delicate rose - DAILY DEVIATION! by brietolga

Nadine2 by DeniseWorisch

Anddd this is all for now~ I will make another feature soon :la: :la: bye byeeeee :la:

Nighty Night ~WINNERS

Tue Aug 16, 2016, 11:54 PM
wohoooo a night themed contest, let's see the winners ;) 

Star! Voter's Favorite Star!

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow :iconfrostalexis: Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow

Star! More from FrostAlexis' Gallery Star!

Jaye by FrostAlexisSakura Whispers  by FrostAlexis Dragon Child by FrostAlexis Black Violet by FrostAlexis

Star! Founder's Favorite Star!

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow :iconaramisdream: Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow

Star! More from AramisDream's Gallery Star!

The Dreamland's Lighthouse by Aramisdream The last ingredient by Aramisdream La memoria dell'acqua - Memory of the water by Aramisdream An lema? - Was a long Journey? by Aramisdream


db1 by RBSRdesigns

congrats!! sooo fabulous works :love: :clap: :la:


Sun Aug 14, 2016, 1:56 AM
okay people so today I found a turtle in my back yard, it was all dirty and scared so I took it, washed it and put it in a little place with water. I am giving it away to someone who can take care of her in the next days but until then...WHAT FOOD  SHOULD I GIVE IT? I have no pet shop close to me so I can't buy it food. so can't I give it some normal food or something.....idk I don't know if it is hungry or stuff lol.
I just know it's pretty~

and that my dog is verrrryyy excited about it  lol :rofl:


Sun Jul 31, 2016, 3:51 AM
crying crying cryingggg. for American Studies there were 13 scholarships. At first I didn't get one and I would have had to pay for my studies....but now I got a call omg... I GOT A SCHOLARSHIP OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG :faint: :la: :la: :la: :la: I'm so happyyyy omgggggggggg :heart: :heart: :heart: We don't get alot of money so spending them on university would've been bad for us.. but now omg xD <3

soooo here I ammmmm after months omg finally a student. I just confirmed my place in University of Foreign languages and literatures ~ section: American Studies.     I will  study alot of history and stuff omg lol. Wellllll,this was  my second option and I changed my mind in the last minute. I'll be alright :3 I had the opportunity to get to learn another language  than english, but I didn't. I kind of regret it, but I have time to change it when uni starts in october.  I got as a second language romanian (my own language) but I will see if I can change it to portuguese orrrr maybe I'll like the people I meet in the romanian classes and stay there.

~~~~~~~BUT NOW IT'S SUMMER PEOPLE OMG SUMMERRR~~~~~~~ I've been waiting for summer  since february lol.

mkaaayyyy I will go sleep nooww. 

Devious Journal Entry

Mon Jul 25, 2016, 1:00 PM
I wish I'd have energy and motivation to keep making photomanipulations. I have 2 pieces started, none finished. I'm just sitting here playing stupid games but It seems like I can't do anything to bring my love for digital art back.
Instead, I feel like I should start painting something right away.

:tears: :tears: :tears:

even the love for this site is not the same, I don't even check it everyday anymore....